Diagnostic Phase

Identify Profit Leakage: Time to Stop Wasting Money!

The business diagnostic session will expose what is causing the challenges you are currently experiencing. The diagnostic program also calculates the profit leaking out of your business based on responses you will give during the diagnostic interview.

Once the proprietary software has calculated your profit leakage it can then estimate the value of your business today and what it should be worth if the profit leakage is returned to your bottom line.

This is a strong indication of how well you’re business would respond to working with the Profit Growth Builders System.

After the free business diagnostic, you will receive:

  1. A report of the discovery meeting. This includes an overview of your business based on 21 questions that dig deep into the working of your operation and what you expect from your business in the future.
  2. A diagnostics report. The Business Diagnostic identifies where the opportunities are for additional income across 11 core areas of your business. We call this profit leakage.
  3. A Profit Leakage Report indicates the potential profit that is leaking out of your business today.


How we look at a business:

The Owner of a business has complete control of all these areas, but quite often the task becomes overwhelming and help is required from a person experienced in these areas.

This report indicates the potential profit that is leaking out of your business today and is available to you by working with a Business Success Partner, and implementing the strategies developed in the process.

Based on your ranking of the statements in your business diagnostic and combined with the financial information supplied by you at the start of the diagnostic session, we are able to calculate potential profit that is leaking out of your business.

Why Partner With Profit Growth Builders?


Shaping The Future For Business Clients Is Priority #1

The Profit Growth Builders System is based on long term relationships with business owners as opposed to traditional business consulting which usually is project or assignment based.  Every business owner must have a vision for his business and his personal life. The business vision is 'Where the Owners of the business want the business to be in 3-5 years into the future' - a destination.  Think of the Profit Growth Builders System as being like a road map that guides the business toward the business vision.  It is vital for building your profitable and growing business future.