Shaping the Future...Together

Business Success Partner Lake Arrowhead, CA

The Profit Growth Builder’s Success Formula


Our initial Discovery Meeting will uncover & identify major challenges that the business or the owner is facing.


The diagnostic phase calculates the profit leaking out of your business.


We begin a long term process to return profit leakage to your bottom line and grow your business.

Business owners must shape their future...

or it will be shaped for them.

The Owner of a business has complete control but quite often the task of building a business becomes overwhelming.  Help is required from an outside and competent business profitability consultant like Profit Growth Builders.  The result is a dramatic improvement of profits, growth and business valuation as the business owner and team works to shape their future.

The past is over...

together we can shape the future.

If business owners want a different result then they have to do things differently, starting today, to create their future. If they always do what they have always done, they will always get the same outcome.

The Profit Growth Builders System is all about making changes over time that help the Business Owner and his family realize their long-term vision and goals. The System is based on 11 years of continuous improvement with over 150 Consultants and thousands of business owners contributing from 4 countries across the globe.

Expectations and Outcomes

  • Profitability is Goal #1
  • Rescue the Owners business.
  • Double the value of the business every twelve months.
  • Improve the take home cash from a business, legally.
  • Groom a Client’s business for sale.
  • Help an Owner retire with plenty of cash.
  • Form a joint venture.
  • Franchise the business.
  • Make an acquisition.
  • Re-structure to become more efficient and profitable.
  • Be a confidential sounding board and support person for the business Owner.
  • Teach the Owner to work ON the business rather than IN the business.
  • Give Owner more time off for family activities
  • Lower the stress of owning a business.
  • Raise equity or capital for the business
  • Make the whole process of owning a business more enjoyable and rewarding.

Profit Growth Builders, Your Trusted Partner

  • Using a process of questioning, discussion and business diagnostics we are able to establish the current state of your business and gain an understanding of what must be done to improve it.
  • Our consultants form long-lasting partnerships with business owners to improve profits, growth & business valuation.
  • We provide the tools, skills, and resources that the business owner does not have to build a highly profitable business.
  • The Profit Growth Builders System brings financial certainty to Business Owners and their families.
  • We guide your business through a re-engineering process that includes developing a business plan.
  • Regular meetings with the owner and the management team ensure that the business plan is implemented.
  • Tight control is established to measure progress in all areas.
  • Over time, these changes produce spectacular results improving operational efficiency and maximizing profits.
  • The Profit Growth Builders System gives business owners confidence in the future.
  • Investing in a Business Success Partner can transform your business & shape your future!
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