Authority Marketing Power (AMP)

AMP Goals:

Use the AMP Campaign to build brand presence and increase inbound phone calls. We work with you to carefully select targeted long-tail keywords that will rank on the first page of Google. Target is 5+ organic first-page listings on Google for high-value keyword phrases relevant to your business.

Use this strategy if you want: 


More inbound phone calls from quality prospective customers.

Better ranking on Google so you beat your competition.

Increased visibility - 5+ organic first-page listings on Google

AMP Strategy:

  • Define longtail authority keyword phrases
  • Look for ultra-specific angles with low competition
  • We can target multiple angles and hooks with a single article.

How People Can Find Your Offer: 

  • Direct Traffic from the AMPs (like someone viewing the video or finding the article)
  • Searches on the sites (like someone searching YouTube or SlideShare and finding your video)
  • Searches in Google where your article shows up (happens within 48 hours)
  • Searches in Google where your mini-sites show up (1 week to 6 months for substantial results)