Online Authority Builder

Online Authority Builder Goals:

Use the Online Authority Builder to build brand presence and increase inbound phone calls. Authority Builder sites link to your site building your inbound links resulting in greater authority for your brand.  We work with you to carefully select keywords that will rank on the first page of Google.  Works like a charm. Target is 5+ organic first-page listings on Google for high-value keyword phrases relevant to your business.

Use this strategy if you want:



More inbound phone calls from quality prospective customers.

Better ranking on Google so you beat your competition.

Increased visibility - 5+ organic first-page listings on Google

Online Authority Builder Process:  

  • Define the #1 authority keyword phrase that’s most valuable long-term for your business & registers a keyword-rich domain name.
  • Define 3-5 high intent/ high-value keyword phrases related to the authority phrase
  • Create 3-5 unique 750+ word articles for each keyword phrase.
  • Create 1-3 quality videos related to the authority keyword phrase &/or that will attract quality traffic.
  • Create a 3-6 page Ignite website and publish the SEO-optimized articles and video(s) to the authority domain.
  • Rank authority website on page 1 And yes – they will stick!


Here’s a picture of the outcomes: