Digital Transformation: Setting Yourself Up for Success

Last week we looked at digital change from a CMO’s perspective. This week we’ll look at what it takes to succeed at digital alteration and why some business fail to reach the levels of success they expected.

Of the many challenges currently faced by CMOs, digital translation grades near the top of the priority list. Here are some statistics that show it is perhaps the number one priority for numerous CMOs.

87% of companies think that digital transformation is a competitive possibility. 27% of senior executives visualize digital transformation is now such matters of survival. 33% of organizations identify digital change as an enormous challenge. Today’s execs guess their companies are 25% of the way towards realizing the end-state imagination for their digital programs. 52% of major execs cite a lack of opennes with engineering to be a barrier to digital metamorphosi. Only 48% of marketers say they feel most proficient in digital commerce.

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